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The Age ran a story in which one of our clients called the Neighbourhood Justice Centre her ‘home away from home’.

She was referring to both the treatment she receives from our multi-disciplinary Client Services team, and our court’s problem-solving practices that combine to help turn around her life.

Few if any other Australian court receives such praise and our client neatly defined the power inherent in combining problem-solving and community justice to tackle crime.

Tales like this and many others make us proud of our revolutionary new services, and makes us strive to keep evolving our work.

The NJC work exclusively within the City of Yarra, one of Victoria’s most socio-economically diverse municipalities, and our achievements are possible because we work with, not for, our community.

Court Triage Service nears launch

Imagine walking into an international airport only to find there is no flight information.

You know you have a flight to catch, but there is nothing to point you to the right gate, and no way of knowing what time your flight is due to depart.

Anyone who has stepped foot into a busy Magistrates’ Court will know that our courts operate like an international airport without the flight information.

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre’s new Court Triage service will fix this problem.

Court Triage Service is a digital link and coordination system for registry, magistrates, lawyers, police prosecutions, clinicians and court users.

Once rolled out, anyone who has business at our court will know when, where and what to bring because they’ll have all the information and alerts they need delivered to their phone.

Our court will also have ‘departures/arrivals’ boards, so people will know exactly when and where their matter will be heard.

An independent assessment estimates Court Triage will save courts $4 million per year, per courtroom.  

Stay tuned for more information.

Building community harmony  

As friends of the NJC know, we facilitate the Smith Street Working Group, which in turn delivers, amongst many other excellent projects, an amazing annual Indigenous music festival.

Smith Street Dreaming is our annual Indigenous music festival. Come down to the corner of Stanley and Smith Streets, Collingwood Saturday 18 July from 1pm to 5pm.  

The inimitable Archie Roach, Coloured Stone, Emma Donovan & The Pushbacks, joined talented MC Aaron Pedersen, star of the 2013 film Mystery Road and ABC's The Code, for an afternoon of winter warming happy vibes.

As with past festivals, Smith Street Dreaming will celebrate one street, many mobs, and one community.

The festival was borne of an incredible partnership between local traders, Victoria Police, our local Indigenous community all of whom the NJC brought to the table to resolve long-standing tensions.

Now in its third year, the Smith Street Working Group has done more than produce two great music festivals; it’s brought long-lasting harmony to Smith Street.

The festival's accolades so far include the prestigious 2015 Community HART Awards (Help Achieve Reconciliation Together) as well as the 2015 Australia Day Award from the City of Yarra.



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