Community justice centres take many forms, but all focus on creative partnerships and problem solving.

They strive to create new relationships, both within the justice system and with outside groups such as residents, traders, community bodies and schools.

They test new approaches to crime prevention and safety to try to address the underlying causes of offending, rather than merely responding to crime after it has occurred.

The NJC works in partnership with local organisations and community members to tackle local justice, crime and safety issues, and come up with lasting, local solutions. It also supports programs that tackle disadvantage, to provide real and practical benefit to the community.

A unique facet of the NJC’s community justice model is how it brings together a range of locally based service providers who are integral to the operation of the NJC and the NJC Court. These on-site services help individuals in the City of Yarra to solve justice problems at an early stage and include:

  • victims’ support
  • mediation
  • specialised mental health, drug and alcohol treatment
  • counselling
  • housing support
  • employment and training support
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support services
  • legal advice