It's all about collaboration

Everything we do at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre is aimed at improving community life, which is why everything we do is underpinned by restorative, therapeutic and solutions-focused practices, and collaboration.

Our social services and problem-solving teams help people who come to our Court to turn their lives around.

We work with local services, local businesses, local schools, local residents, and local government to eliminate social disadvantage and prevent harm from happening.

Behind the scenes we trial new services to make justice better, faster, and smarter.

And as an International Mentor Court we assist policy and law makers, justice professionals, community developers, and academics in Australia and abroad to improve their communities through community justice.

Our doors opened in 2007 and we serve the City of Yarra, an inner city local government area in Melbourne, Victoria.

The only justice centre of this kind in Australia, the NJC is part of the specialist courts division of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, and one of 50 community justice centres operating around the world.

    Foundations of the NJC

    As a community justice centre, everything the NJC does is based on the core principle that justice can help to improve community life, especially in places with high-levels of crime and disadvantage. While honouring and maintaining traditional procedural rights and equality before the law, our centre brings important notions of social justice to the criminal justice agenda. And so, while dealing with criminal events, we can strengthen communities to prevent criminal and harmful behaviour from occurring in the first place.  


    The sum of many parts, and a one-stop-shop of justice services, the NJC comprises:

    • Magistrates' Court 
    • Children's Court (criminal division)
    • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    • Victims of Crime Tribunal

    Also under the roof are services provided by independent agencies:

    • Therapeutic and practical support agencies 
    • Legal representatives
    • Police Prosecutions
    • Community Correctional Services

    And teams of specialists in:

    • Crime Prevention & Community Justice
    • Community justice education and communications
    • Courts innovation


    The NJC provides the widest range of service of any justice centre in Australia. All services are available to assist people to address the underlying conditions that contribute to their offending behavior, or for clients who are not attending the court, to assist with living more fulfilling lives. Services include: 

    • Victims’ support
    • Mediation
    • Specialised family violence services
    • Mental health clinical support
    • Drug and alcohol treatment
    • Financial counselling
    • Housing support
    • Employment and training support
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support services
    • Refugee and migrant support