On the day of your hearing arrive at 9.00am and check in with Registry on the 1st floor. 

It is important that you attend your hearing. If you do not attend, a warrant may be issued for your arrest, or your matter may be heard and determined without you.

If you cannot attend your hearing call Registry as a matter of urgency on (03) 9948 8600

Children’s court sitting days

1st  Monday of every month. 

Children's Court at the NJC

Like our Magistrates' Court, our Children's Court works in ways that make it easy for everyone to understand what is happening, and to give young people opportunities to turn their lives around. 

You will have a range of services and support before, during and after your day in court, and we encourage you to ask for help at any time.

Visit us first

It's normal to be nervous about coming to court, so to make it easier for you, take a tour of the Children's Court and the NJC before your court hearing.

We can show you around courtroom, show you the kiosk, sort out any parking/transport questions, explain the legal system and put you in touch with our support services.

To organise a tour call us on 9948 8777 or talk to Court Network  and one of their friendly and trained volunteers will help you.


If you need an interpreter, including for Auslan call our Court Registry in advance on 9948 8600 and we'll organise one for you.

In the courtroom

What to wear

  • Men: wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and closed toe shoes, or runners.
  • Women: wear long pants, or knee length or longer skirt, a top with sleeves, and any footwear but thongs.

Dressing for court extends to lawyers and court staff who show their respect to the court and to you by also dressing appropriately.

Plain language

Our Magistrate and lawyers speak in plain, easy to understand language. In this way, you will understand what's going on.

But if there is anything you do no understand, your lawyer, Registrar or any other NJC staff working with you will answer your questions so you have all the information you need before you leave.

Court etiquette

Like all courts, there are a few expected manners that everyone, including police, lawyers and visitors, need to follow:

  • Bow your head to the Magistrate when you enter and leave court 
  • When the Magistrate enters or leaves, the bench clerk will say “all rise”. Everyone must stand. 
  • Call the Magistrate ‘Your Honour’.

We do these things as a mark of respect for the law. 

Who sits where

At this court, the accused person, offender or respondent sits at the bar table beside their lawyer. (Only people who are held in custody sit in the dock).

Sitting at the bar table is how we involve people in the important decisions that are being made by the court.   It may be overwhelming at first, but it is a very good way to make sure everyone understands what is going on. It also gives the Magistrate the ability to ask people questions directly. 

Friends, family and other visitors sit in the gallery, the row of seats behind the bar table.

Stay informed

We have a handy system that we can use to keep you informed while you are here.  It's called MyCase and a Court Network volunteer or our registrars can sign you up.

Even though you'll get handy reminders on your phone, it's is not an app so there's nothing to install/uninstall. 

Check out this  short video (External link) (External link) (External link) to see how it works.  

Filling in time

We'd like to say your matter will be heard on time, but you may wait longer than hoped. You're welcome to bring headphones to listen to music, bring a book, or a friend or family member for support. 

Food and drink

Our kiosk, Just Delights services free tea/coffee (or slightly posher coffee at $3.50) and  hot lunch ($7.50 for vegetarian, $8.50 for everything else).