Artwork: Kim Fuhrmann

About our Neighbourhood Justice Officer

Many people involved in matters before our court will be assisted by our Neighbourhood Justice Officer (NJO).

Our NJO is the middle-man between the client, the court, the NJC’s onsite services and services in the community. 

The NJO:

  • Assists clients to manage their treatment and support activities by convening our Problem Solving Meetings
  • Assesses and refers people to the right services
  • Minimises any negative effects of the court process
  • Promotes the well-being of those affected by the justice system
  • Simplifies the justice process so everyone participates in the justice process as fully as possible.

The NJO receives referrals from the court.

Collaborative solutions

We want people who come before our court to successfully complete their court orders.

One way we do this is by giving people the opportunity to participate in a Problem Solving Meeting.

The process involves bringing the client, their case manager/worker, legal representatives, even supportive family or friends together to discuss the issues going on in the client’s life and find solutions to get the person on track.

Our clients participate to get ready to work with our support services, or at any time they need help, including at any time during a community corrections order. 

It usually takes one meeting, but you can have follow-up sessions if needed.

Problem Solving Meetings happen at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre.

Find out more

Our NJO will explain how this voluntary assistance process can work for you, or someone you know who is at our court.

Contact the NJC for more information.

Mark's story

Two months into his Community Corrections Order Mark* offended. In breaching the order he now faced jail time.

At the time, Mark had given up on the treatment he’d started in the lead up to his court hearing at the NJC.  His memory and other cognitive functions were deteriorating, and his self-imposed drug and drink detox led to debilitating insomnia which made everything worse.

Now with the threat of jail looming, he agreed to his lawyer’s recommendation that he give the NJC’s Problem Solving Meeting a go.

Together with His case manager, lawyer, his girlfriend, and the Neighbourhood Justice Officer who convened the meeting, Mark looked for solutions.

Over the course of two hours, Mark talked about what the past twenty years of his life had been like living with a serious addiction.  

He said all he wanted was to turn his life around, and above all, reunite with his mum and sister, from whom he had been estranged for over a decade.

Mark left the meeting with two things: practical set of things to do to get back into his treatment programs, and the encouragement of everyone at the meeting that he succeed.

The court placed him back on a CCO.  Mark followed through on all his commitments and successfully completed his CCO, and he continues to get the help he needs.

*Not his real name.