On 15 August 2018, her Honour Chief Justice Ferguson visited the Neighbourhood Justice Centre (NJC).  Magistrate Fanning invited her Honour to visit the centre to give her an understanding of the NJC, what has been achieved, and the opportunities for the future.

Following an introductory tour of the Centre with Magistrate Fanning, her Honour joined a number of staff from all areas of the NJC (Associate Director, client services, registry, Corrections, prosecution, and defence lawyers) in the Community Meeting Room for a panel discussion over morning tea.  Each staff member gave her Honour their insights into the benefits and points of difference of working at the NJC, prompting engaging questions and further discussion from her Honour.

Her Honour concluded the visit by spending some time in court observing the criminal list.  She expressed her gratitude at the opportunity to visit the centre, and an enthusiasm to explore opportunities for collaboration in the future.