The he(art) of our community is in your hands

Turn our justice centre into an art gallery!

We invite professional and anyone who just loves creating art to showcase your work at our centre. 

You'll be part of Urban Campfires, our long-running twice-yearly art program. 

Why we love locally made art

Art made by local hands reminds everyone that comes through our door that justice is for everyone, and that our centre is part of our community.

The story your art tells will be part of how we all explore the ideas, themes, and stories that shape our community. 

And you know what? When you join Urban Campfires, you'll also make our centre a welcoming, peaceful place for everyone no matter what circumstances brings people here. 

2018 exhibition

Get your art into our 2018 Autumn Urban Campfire.  Contact Sue or Alison on 9428 1676 or email (External link) for more information.

Spring exhibition 2017

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Urban Campfire Spring 2017 (External link)