Art of justice

Did you know you can exhibit your art at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre?

It's true! We're much more than a court and place to find support services; we're also an art gallery.

All of the art at the NJC is made by people connected to the City of Yarra who participate in our much-loved art program, Urban Campfire.

Artists come from all walks of life, and participating is great way for people who love creating and professional artists to share the limelight.

Dust off your smock, take out your camera, or grab your glue gun and help give all our clients a place that is welcoming, peaceful and inclusive. 

We call our art program Urban Campfire because community art is about warmth, friendship and story-telling.

Drop in any time from Monday to Friday to get a feel for the art and our spaces, and check out the contact details below to join.

How it works

We host two exhibitions a year (usual April and October) with art staying in place between exhibitions. So be prepared for us to hold and cherish your art for around five months. 

Who participates

Urban Campfire is about participation and friendship, which is why we emphasis contributions from:

  • Community groups
  • Social enterprises
  • Neighbourhood Houses
  • Art collectives
  • Professional galleries
  • Primary schools and preschool centres.

Rising and professional artists are also very welcome. It's a great way to get your art in front of a wide range of people from across the community and justice sector.

What we exhibit

We exhibit a multitude of art mediums from photographs, to sculptures, lithographs to watercolours, found-object pieces to oils.  

And because art tackles serious, often tough topics, we embrace art that makes us think and challenges our perception of the world just as much as we love art made for beauty's sake. 

Our curator works with artists and art facilitators to ensure the art is appropriate and representational of our dynamic community.

Children's art

We love art made by children! Their whimsical art turns the private spaces of our building that we reserve for victim-survivors of family violence into warm and welcoming sanctuaries, and that's a huge contribution.

If you're a teacher and would like your pupils to participate contact Sue on 9428 1676 or email (External link) (External link)

Why exhibit

Why join Urban Campfire? Because whether you know it or not, you'll make justice better. 

It's important that everyone who walks through our doors feels safe, respected, and included and art supports these needs. For example, art that represents community life usually goes in the big public spaces, while pieces that explore personal journeys go in the small meeting rooms. 

It's also important that we listen to many voices of our community, particularly those drowned out by louder ones. Art raises the voices and the profile of people too often simply ignored.

And of course, artists instinctively explore topics that lie at the heart of justice―fairness, hope, opportunity, community―so what better place to exhibit than at a justice centre?

Campfire partners

Urban Campfire is curated by an expert in community art, and managed by Belgium Avenue Neighbourhood House.

Get involved

Contact Sue on 9428 1676 or email (External link) (External link)

View our current exhibition

Take a moment to view some of the amazing artworks we have in the current Urban Campfire exhibition


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Explore our past exhibitions

Have a virtual tour of some of our past exhibiting artists' works


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