L to R: Maree Foelz, NJC; Rachel Powning, GM, NJC; Theodora Putri, AIPJ2; Louise Bassett, NJC

Helping northern neighbours

The Australian Indonesia Partnership for Justice 2 (AIPJ2) gained an insight into community justice in a welcomed international exchange of ideas with the Neighbourhood Justice Centre.

Theodora Putri, Activity Manager for AIPJ2 recently visited the NJC to observe court and talk to staff about the benefits of multi-disciplinary, holistic practices for reducing reoffending.

Ms Putri says the NJC is of interest to her work with Indonesia’s Supreme Court, and National Development Agency.

“We’re developing the Indonesian Restorative Justice design framework, and the work of the NJC is an advantage for me—and our team—in this development.”

NJC General Manager, Rachel Powning says NJC’s all-in-one justice model has international appeal for the simple reason that the issues to which the NJC responds—such as drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues, family violence, and structural disadvantage—are universal.

"When we treat the aftermath of offending through problem-solving and therapeutic court practices, while simultaneously focusing on the antecedents of crime through community engagement, we improve community safety at  multiple points.  

Community justice guidelines point to how this happens in ways that are fair, inclusive, and sustainable. 

All-in-one justice service works as well for people in down-town Jakarta as for Collingwood’s residents”, says Rachel.

The AIPJ2 is a partnership between the Australian and Indonesian governments to strengthen Indonesia's justice and security institutions and contribute to the stability and prosperity of Indonesia and the region. 

Its focus is transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption; countering transnational crime and security strengthening; preventing violent extremism; corrections reform; and partnership development.

The NJC looks forward to ongoing dialogue with the AIPJ2, and Ms Putri.