Group information sessions

Our group information sessions provide a general overview of the concepts behind what we do, and to showcase our work. We also customise sessions to meet the needs of the group, so sessions may include some or all of the following:

  • an overview of community justice
  • understanding of the work of the Centre
  • a tour of the Centre
  • Interactive activities
  • the opportunity to watch the court in action
  • Talks by staff about their work

Information sessions are appropriate for a wide range of audiences, including tertiary students to social services professionals, government and justice professionals. Prior knowledge of the justice system is not required.

NOTE:  secondary school group tours are not available.

Group size

Group tours are designed for 10 - 20 participants. 


Information sessions usually go for two hours

Session times

9:30am with the latest sessions starting 3:00pm

Sessions are typically held on Thursdays.