community issues

If you live or work in Yarra and you're badly affected by a big, complex social problem that's causing wide-spread harm, we are here to help. 

Our Crime Prevention & Community Justice team works on the barriers of social disadvantage so that everyone gets a fair go.


If you need assistance with any concerns you have, you may wish to talk to our Crime Prevention & Community Justice team.

Depending on the issue, our team will refer you to the right service, either at this centre or in the City of Yarra, or work with you directly.

How we work

The starting point of the Crime Prevention & Community Justice team is to understand your issue so we understand what is happening, and why.

Your opinions and perspectives matter, which is why our conversations are non-judgmental, and we come with no preconceptions.

To know how to help you, we may also talk to other people involved in the problem you are experiencing. This is always the approach we take for  complex issues that affect many people. 

Our aim is to fully understand the issue so we can assist you to identify opportunities to improve the situation. 

No matter how complex the issue you are facing, we adopt a ‘can do’ attitude.

Helping you find a solution

No two issues are alike, so helping you to find a solution will come from our meetings with you.

Some meetings may involve other participants such as police, health, housing, council, or other community services. 

And some solutions may include inviting you to join a wider group of people we may bring together. 

No matter the issue, our focus is to find solutions that specifically fit the needs of people who live and work in the City of Yarra. 

Our approach

Our approach is to make sure that the solutions we come up with together can work. This is why we:

  • Listen to everyone affected or involved in whatever way
  • Bring everyone affected by the issue together to start the collaborative process
  • Bring on board services that are necessary to bring about change
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