Be an All Star

Reckon you can move like Messi? Are you a midfielder, forward or goalie? 

Found out by joining the Collingwood All Stars!

It doesn't matter if you don't know one end of a round ball from the other, the Collingwood All Stars are kids 8-18 years, who live in Yarra and get together to learn and play the Beautiful Game.

Casp girls and Casp boys play together, make friends, learn skills and have fun. 

You may even end up with a trophy or two by the end of the season!


Things get a bit serious when we get older, which is why we connect senior players to competitive leagues in Melbourne.

Seniors also play competitions with other clubs. 

We also encourage senior players to coach the kids. There's a lot more to coaching than blowing whistle (though there's plenty of that!).

Coaching gives you a chance to pass on your skills, learn the art of coaching, and improve your umpiring abilities.

It's also a fun way to gain valuable leadership skills. Seriously,  if you can coach a bunch of energetic kids, you can do anything.

About the coaches

CASP is run by footy-mad crew from the Victoria Police and Neighbourhood Justice Centre.  

Game times


Coaching and games 3.30pm to 5pm


Coaching and games 4pm to 5.00pm


Collingwood Oval, corner Vere Street and Campbell Street, Collingwood.

Join up!

Come to the Collingwood oval on Monday from 3pm to 5.30 (during school term). Your mum or dad will need to give you permission, so we'll give you a permission slip to bring home. Or bring mum/dad so we can say hi. 

You can also sign up at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre. 241 Wellington Street, Collingwood