jobs and training

No matter why you are at our Centre, we can help you on you pathway to employment. 

Our services

  • Job agencies and traineeship referral pathways

  • Advice on how to write job application

  • Interview techniques and tips

Skills training

  • Learn skills for working with others 

  • Learn computer basics

  • Learn from teachers who understand your needs

  • Join a small class or receive one-on-one support

Advocacy and negotiation support

  • Advocacy with Centrelink and other job support agencies

Specialist assistance  

Apart from our general support services, we have services that offer culturally appropriate, and tailored assistance. 

Our services are free. 

If we can't help you. we'll link you up with the services and people who can.

Wrap around care

We wrap our services around our clients.  

This means you receive the right help from the right people, and get as many or as few services as you need.

If you need other services including housing assistance, legal assistance, or other assistance, any member of our Client Services team will assist you.

Referral pathways

Our jobs and training support worker is one of a number of people who'll be assisting you.

If you’re attending court, your lawyer will be your main referral pathway to services, but you may have conversations with a number of people, who’ll make sure you get the right help quickly. 

Here are the people you may also meet and who can provide you with information and referral pathways:

  • Legal referrals: duty lawyers provides legal assistance for for accused/offenders
  • Magistrate: presides over the NJC's Magistrates' Court and Children's Court
  • Neighbourhood Justice Officer: the bridge between the court, services, and clients  
  • Court Network: a volunteer services that supports people going to court  
  • Salvation Army Chaplain: helps people before, during and after court.
  • Walk-in: visit the NJC and we’ll assess your needs and refer as necessary.


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