money and finances

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Get on top of money problems

Whether you are going through our court or not, we can help you over your money problems.

Our assistance includes:

  • financial counselling and debt repayment planning
  • referral services
  • Advocacy
  • practical forms assistance
  • information about how to avoid financial pitfalls
  • Centrelink debts
  • City of Yarra council and utility rates and disconnections
  • fines and warrants
  • repossession of goods and property
  • getting concessions or other entitlements

We also provide more specialised financial counselling, advocacy and other assistance packages. See the following pages for more details:

Fines Assist

We can help you set up payment plans relating to public transport, tollway, traffic infringements, and other fines.

We can also advocate on your behalf with the organisations involved.

For more information go to Fines Assist.

Forms Assist

Contracts, Centrelink documents and other forms can be hard to understand much less fill in. If you need help with common, but often confusing, forms our Forms Assist service can help.

For more information go to Forms & Advocacy (External link) (External link).

Additional services

If you don't live in the City of Yarra or you would rather start elsewhere, call the National Debt Helpline (External link) 1088 007 007 for help with:

  • consumer credit contract disputes credit card and personal loan arrears
  • creditor harassment mobile phone and internet contracts
  • mortgage and car finance issues
  • payday lending (bankruptcy information)
  • bankruptcy

Note, all of our services offer practical assistance, information and advocacy, not financial consulting or investment advice.

Service are free, easy to organise, and confidential.

Wrap-around services

We wrap our services around our clients.

This means you get the right help from the right people, and get as many or as few services as you need.

If you’re attending court your lawyer will be your main referral pathway to services.

But the following members of the NJC team may also refer you to our financial counselling services:

  • NJC’s duty lawyers
  • Magistrate
  • Neighbourhood Justice Officer  
  • Court Network volunteer
  • Salvation Army Chaplain

Legal advice for financial matters

Victoria Legal Aid and Fitzroy Legal Service offer legal advise across business and commercial matters, investment, trusts, property and more.  

For more information contact Victoria Legal Aid (External link) or Fitzroy Legal Service (External link) directly.