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About victim support services

If you are the victim of crime we can assist you with emotional and practical support.

Practical assistance  

  • liaise with police, solicitors, housing agencies, or medical professionals on your behalf
  • link you to treatment and support services you need
  • emergency accommodation referrals
  • help to navigate the justice process.

Emotional support  

  • specialised trauma counselling
  • re-establish feelings of safety
  • regain power in your life
  • reconnect with family, friends and your community

Financial assistance

As a victim of crime, you may be able to get financial assistance from the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal or compensation from the offender through a civil action.

For more information contact:

Wraparound support

We wrap our treatment and support services around our clients. That is, our treatment and support services ensure you get the right help from the right service, and as many or as few services are you need.  

You may encounter our Neighbourhood Justice Officer, who is the link between the court, services, the client, and the community, and provides more intensive support interventions as well as referrals to other services.

Other people you may encounter  are the Salvation Army Officer and Court Network volunteers, all of whom provide support before, during and after court.