Greetings to the City of Yarra's new police officers

We work best when we work together, which is why the NJC was delighted to host twelve police officers new to Yarra at our most recent Police Orientation Program on 30 October.

The police—based in Yarra’s Collingwood, Fitzroy and Richmond stations and from specialist units in the North West Metro Division 1 (NWMD1)—met our magistrate, senior police prosecutor and other key staff to learn about our multi-jurisdictional court, treatment services, problem-solving techniques, and community-based crime prevention.

From our court, to our proactive crime prevention projects, police are involved in most aspects of our Centre. Our staff even volunteer to help run Victoria Police's Collingwood All Stars soccer program for local kids. As such, our orientation days recognise the importance of our strong working relationship in achieving our many shared objectives. And it’s always great to meet each other in a relaxed setting.

In all, 26 police were introduced to the NJC this year. And to those attendees who are also fairly new to Victoria Police, we offer you a very warm welcome and wish you all the best for your nascent careers.