L-to-R: NJC Magistrate David Fanning, Damian James, MCV CEO Andrew Tenni, Director of Specialist Courts & Programs, Elissa Scott.



Congratulations, Damian!


The Neighbourhood Justice Centre team recently celebrated the thirty-year career of the Centre’s Senior Registrar, Damian James.


In honour of this milestone, MCV CEO Andrew Tenni, Director Specialist Courts & Programs, Elissa Scott, NJC’s Magistrate Fanning and NJC joined together to thank Damian for his exemplary contribution to Victoria’s justice system.


Damian joined the Magistrates’ Courts in 1988, in what was then known as the Southern Region, and went on to work in the Children's, Supreme and County Courts, as well as VCAT and the Honorary Justice Office.


In 2008 Damian joined the NJCs as its Senior Registrar.


Apart from managing NJC’s registry, Damian volunteers each Monday at Victoria Police’s Collingwood All Stars Soccer program open to six to18-year-old youngsters from a diversity of backgrounds living in the City of Yarra.


As a highly respected and valued member of the leadership team, Damian’s colleagues hope he’ll be here for another ten years.