Meet our team 


Magistrate David Fanning

Magistrate Fanning is a staunch advocate of therapeutic and restorative justice practices.  Magistrate Fanning has presided over the Neighbourhood Justice Centre's multi-jurisdictional court since  2007.  His Honour has extensive experience as a lawyer and a social worker. Before becoming Tasmania’s Commissioner for Children in 2004, he spent 15 years as a barrister in Melbourne, specialising in family law, child protection, juvenile justice and mediation.

General Manager / Rachel Powning

Rachel Powning is a strong advocate for justice that fits the needs of the community it serves, and the power of engaged communities to generate change. With a career that spans the NGO, community, and local government sectors, Rachel brings expertise in partnership building, advocacy, and business development to NJC. 

Louise Bassett / Strategy & Innovation Manager

As strategy and innovation manager, Louise explores and develops new ideas and initiatives to identify their potential to benefit the local community and the justice system overall. Louise oversees strategic planning and managers the Program Innovations Team. Her 'can-do' attitude is behind the many Australian firsts the NJC has brought to life. Louise has been with the NCJ for nearly a decade.

Dr. Cameron Wallace / Client Services Manager

Cameron manages NJC's social service providers. He and his team provide our clients with wrap-around treatment and support. Cameron works closely with our Magistrate, Community Correctional Services, court administrators, Victoria Police, the legal profession, and agencies across justice. Cameron has been with the NJC since day one and is a passionate advocate for restorative, therapeutic and problem-solving justice.


Diane Arsic - Office Manager

Diane Arsic / Office Manager

Diane manages our Information Team, and juggles a range of administrative and office support functions, including reception services, office support/ administrative services, facility management, HR, finance and budget, purchasing and contract management, records, fleet management and general project management of administrative related matters. Diane has been with the Centre for over seven years.

Charlie Watson

Charlie Watson / Senior Community Lawyer, Victoria Legal Aid

Charlie Watson is the Senior Lawyer for Victoria Legal Aid at the NJC. Charlie has been at the NJC since July 2018. Charlie was admitted as a solicitor in 2005 and is an LIV accredited criminal law specialist. Prior to the NJC, Charlie was the Managing Lawyer of WEstjustice’s Sunshine Youth Office at the Sunshine Visy Cares Hub from 2016-2018.

Senior Registrar NJC

David Christie / Senior Registrar

David manages our team of four registrars, and the Neighbourhood Justice Officer. He and his team provide the administrative support to the court. David has extensive experience working in courts, predominately in Melbourne’s CBD courts and Western Metropolitan areas.

Paul kidd

Paul Kidd / Senior Community Lawyer, Fitzroy Legal Service

Paul Kidd is the Senior Lawyer for Fitzroy Legal Service at the NJC. Paul has been with us since late 2018, when he completed his legal traineeship. He was admitted as a lawyer in 2019. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Paul was for many years involved in the community response to HIV in Australia. He is a member of the boards of Thorne Harbour Health and the HIV Justice Network, and is a member of the Victorian Government LGBTIQ Justice Working Group.