adult literacy program

Adult Literacy Program 

Do you have a friend, family member or client who has poor reading and writing skills?  We're here to help.

Our Adult Literacy Program is for anyone 18+ living in the City of Yarra who needs supportive, free, friendly help to learn literacy skills.

This program is run by Carringbush Adult Education and Neami, in partnership with the Neighbourhood Justice Centre.

How it works

Class sizes are small - one tutor and one client. 

We start by creating a lesson plan based on the client's personal goals and needs. 

Lesson run for 45 minutes and are scheduled either weekly or fortnightly.

Lessons take place in a private room at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre.   

How it helps  

Literacy skills help all of us get through life with greater ease. Our program will guide people to:

  • fill in forms and applications
  • read and write emails and text messages  
  • do courses or apprenticeships
  • write resumes  
  • follow workplace instructions
  • prepare for driving licences  
  • read for pleasure
  • write your own story  
  • and more!

How to refer 

To refer your client, family or friend contact:

Chris Woodall:  9087 5739 / (External link)

Sarah Deasey: 0484357474 / (External link)