We pay our respects to the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation.  Always was. Always will be.

Artwork: Child’s Wonder by Amanda Wright

About Aboriginal Hearing Day

If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander you can choose to have your matter listed to be heard on our Aboriginal Hearing Day.

We offer this day out of respect for First Nations people and through it we can have the right services on site.

You may decide to have your matter heard as part of the general list. Your lawyer can discuss the option with you. The choice is yours.

When to arrive

Please arrive for your hearing at 9.00am and check in with Registry on the first floor.

It’s important that you attend your hearing.

If you cannot attend your hearing call Registry as a matter of urgency on 9087 5739.

Failure to attend may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest, or your matter may be heard and determined without you.

Supporting you

Our Koori Justice Worker can support you and your family, and you'll find other friendly, professional and supportive people to help you.

We offer many support options including:

  • Help to find other services 
  • Ongoing case management
  • Help to sort through issues
  • Support if you’re on a community corrections order
  • Emotional support

Any member of our team can put you in touch with the right person. And remember, all support options are free and confidential.

Legal assistance

Duty lawyers are lawyers who are on ‘duty’ at courts and tribunals across Victoria to help people who do not have their own lawyer.

If you don’t have a lawyer on the day of your hearing, a duty lawyer will discuss your needs and work out what is best for you.

You can also get legal assistance by contacting the following services:

Family and friends

We know that waiting for your matter to be heard can be tiring and stressful so you are welcome to your family and friends are welcome to come to court with you. 

Making the day go by

We provide free tea/coffe, or you can buy cheap and delicious hot lunches and hot drinks at Just Bites, our social enterprise kiosk. 

You'll find phone chargers on the ground floor. And you'll find peace, quiet and fresh air on the balcony off our court floor.  

Contact us on 9087 5739