Artwork: Tom Civil, find at corner of Little Victoria and Little Smith Street, Fitzroy

About community-wide issues

The City of Yarra is a great place to live but there are issues that affect, sometimes harm, our neighbourhoods.

Our Community Crime Prevention Team is dedicated to finding solutions to broader-scale issues so we all live in a safe, healthy and prospering community.

If you have a community safety issue, our team is here to talk to you about finding the right solution.

Get in touch with the Crime Prevention Team with an outline of your concern and we'll get in touch with you.

Resolving complex issues

A member of the Crime Prevention team will meet with you to discuss the issues causing you harm.

The team may also speak with other affected people.  In this way, we build a broad and deep understanding of what is going on.

All opinions and perspective matter, which is why our conversations are non-judgemental and we do not take sides.

Building the right partnerships

Depending on the circumstances, such as the number of people affected or how entrenched the issues are, the team may invite specific services such as police to form a formal group (such as working group or committee) to find solutions.  

As the Neighbourhood Justice Centre uses citizen-focused partnerships to resolve issues, you and other people affected will be invited to participate finding solutions.  You can participate as much as you wish, and we encourage everyone affected to generate solutions by sharing ideas, opinions, expertise, skills and experiences.

Did you know....Yarra Family Violence Network

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre coordinates the Yarra Family Violence Network. The network is a family violence prevention network. We meet monthly to raise awareness of family violence and prevention, and to improve coordination of services in the City of Yarra.

Participation in the network is open to all local workers in the City of Yarra with a role in addressing family violence issues.

For more info and to get in touch, please email: (External link)

Contact us on: (External link) or 9087 5739

Notes from the field

Conflict resolution doesn't have to involve a court, or indeed, formal processes. Check out the Indigenous music festival we established to bring peace and harmony to Smith Street. It's an example of creative partnerships and community justice.