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When to arrive

Please arrive at 9.00am and check in with Registry.

Can't attend?

It's important you attend your hearing. If you don't come to court, a warrant may be issued for your arrest or your matter may be heard and determined without you. 

If you cannot attend your hearing call Registry as a matter of urgency. Phone: 9948 8600.

Sitting days

Our Children's Courts sits on the first Monday of every month. 

What to say, do and wear

The aim of our Children's Court is to help you out of the downward spiral of offending.

While the court is serious, we speak simply and clearly so you understand what's happening.

You'll also find many support services (External link) at the NJC to help you on your journey, and we can also link you to services close to home.

Do a pre-court tour

It's normal to be nervous about coming to court, that's why we encourage you to visit before the day of your hearing. 

You can see the courtroom, and get an understanding of how the justice system works.
Call us on 9948 8777 or talk to Court Network  and one of their friendly and trained volunteers will help you.

Dress neatly

Dress in neat and clean clothes. 

Avoid wearing shorts and thongs. And please do not wear sunglasses and a hat in court.

You'll find lawyers and staff dress neatly too. We do so to show respect to the court, and to you.

Be prepared

Bring all the relevant paperwork with you.

In the courtroom

Who sits where

If you are the person before the court (that it, you are the accused, offender, or respondent) you'll sit at the bar table beside your lawyer.  Only people held in custody sit in the dock. 

Sitting at the bar table may be overwhelming at first, but it helps you to understand what is going on. It also gives the Magistrate the chance to speak to you directly.

Friends, family and other visitors sit in the seats behind the bar table.

Speaking to the Magistrate

When you address the Magistrate (which means speaking to the magistrate) call him or her "Your Honour".

Personal behaviour

Turn off your phone before you come into court. Your family and friends also need to turn off their phones. 

Filling in time

We'd like to say your matter will be heard on time, but sometimes delays happen.

You're very welcome to bring family or a friend to keep you company. 


For interpreter support including Auslan, call our Court Registry on 9948 8600 and we'll organise one for you

Food and drink

We provide free tea/coffee or you can buy slightly posher coffee and delicious lunches at Just Bites cafe on the court floor.