The model of success

Since it opened in 2007, the Neighbourhood Justice Centre has been one of Australia’s most closely monitored and reviewed justice centres.

The results invariably show that our model increases confidence in, and access to, justice and that community partnerships resolves crime and safety issues earlier and more proactively than traditional justice practices that focus on the aftermath of crime alone.

In one of the most comprehensive reviews, the Australian Institute of Criminology found:

  • 25% lower rate of reoffending than other Magistrates’ Courts
  • NJC offenders 3 times less likely to breach Community Corrections Orders (23.1% of high risk offenders breach their orders compared to a state-wide average of 59.9%).
  • NJC offenders demonstrate lower breach rates for intervention orders (ranging from 4.6% to 6.3%  compared to 8.73%-8.77% state-wide)

Read the full AIC (External link)report.

Over the years, we have also asked clients for their honest appraisal of the experience with us. The results of these surveys tell us that our model not only meets the needs of our community, but is particularly necessary for people struggling with complex life issues going through the justice system.

  • ‘Other courts treat you like a number. NJC treats you like an individual'
  • ‘Staff here have gone over and above what I expected. From beginning to end it has been non-stop helpfulness'
  • ‘The welcoming space makes for a less stress inducing experience'
  • ‘Other courts should look at this court. There should be more courts like this.'  (2017 Court User Survey).

In 2017, we were awarded International Mentor Community Court status by the US Centre for Court Innovation and the US Department of Justice. The NJC is the first community justice centre outside the US to receive the honour.