Casp award night neighbourhood justice centre collingwood



                                                                                                Around 50 or so children and teens, proud parents, coaches, and umpires descended on the Neighbourhood Justice Centre recently for the first of our two fantastic annual trophy events.

Cheers reverberated as young players picked up awards that illustrate what the Collingwood All Stars is all about: Quiet Achiever, Most Helpful, Best Team Player, Most Consistent, and Superboot Award for Most Goals Kicked.

Wearing the number one jersey, coach Geeks (aka Sen-Lead-Constable, Chris McGeachan, Yarra Youth Officer) praised the littlies for the camaraderie, kindness, and enthusiasm they brought to the pitch every week.

The older players, most in their mid-teens, did their darndest to downplay things, but they were chuffed and rightly so with Geek’s Coach’s Award and the Superboot Award for Highest Goals Scored.

The Collingwood All Stars program is a VicPol initiative that’s been running in Yarra for, gosh, yonks, and supported by Home Ground Hub and Australian Catholic University volunteer coaches, and the NJC.

Want to become a CASP kid? Read how here (External link). See you on the oval.

Well done, Geeks and the fabulous volunteers for running an awesome program for awesome kids.

And of course, well done All Stars!

Junior player awards

  • Sajid  - Best Team Player
  • Jamie - Most Consistent
  • Gharam - Most Helpful
  • Tin - Quiet Achiever
  • Mohammed M - Coaches Award
  • Farhan with 35 goals - Superboot, Most Goals and  Best & Fairest. Whoohoo!

Senior players awards

  • Luqman with 26 goals - Superboot Most Goals
  • Hamdi - Best and Fairest

The NJC team congratulates you all. Keep on kicking goals!